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Club Filmation

Castaspella™ Figure

Castaspella™ Figure

Club Filmation Figure, August 2013

This excellent enchantress is mesmerizing… bad news for anyone on the wrong side of the Great Rebellion! Standing strong with the women warriors of Etheria, this Princess of Power® keeps her enemies spellbound as she helps defeat the Horde. This 6” figure arrives with a beautiful new fully articulated sculpt, and features one open hand to accommodate a removable spell blast effect, Princess of Power® shield and removable spinning disk that clips onto her back.

Castaspella ™ Bio

Real Name: Esmeralda

Beautiful friend to She-Ra®, Castaspella™ is one of the most powerful mages on Etheria. After the Horde claimed her beautiful planet as a new homeworld during their banishment in Despondos™, Castaspella™ became a leader in the Great Rebellion helping to defend the people of Etheria with her magic. She has been known to temporarily hypnotize her foes, and although she can be a bit flighty at times, her strength and courage have helped her fight the oppression of Hordak®. She is special friends with both Angella and Frosta™ and only uses her magic for good.

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