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Icer™ Figure

Icer™ Figure

Evil Master of Cold™

Do you know where to find this frigid fiend? You’re getting colder, colder… this evil ice warrior may not melt your heart, but he can melt himself and slip under his enemy’s door! The first figure in the Filmation mini-sub series, Icer™ arrives with his ice pick weapon and the powerful Staff of Avion.

Icer™ Bio

Real Name: Icleeel of the Outer Stilia Clan

Originally from the outskirts of Stilia in the Ice Mountains, Icer™ is a master at controlling cold weather. Skeletor® recruited him after realizing a need for evil agents in the North and exploited him when Whiplash® failed to obtain the Ice Raider from King Randor®. Skeletor® ordered his new frozen ally to take over the northern weather station and create cold weather all over Eternia®, while he attempted to steal the Ice Raider himself. Icer™ has freezing powers and melts into water when he needs to get in or out of tight spots.

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