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Batros™  Figure

Batros™ Figure

Evil Master of Theft™

This crafty crook from the dark side of Eternia® steals all the books, but it’s not his thirst for knowledge that motivates him… it’s his thirst for power! Wicked winged and willing to scheme with Skeletor®, this Filmation series fiend comes with a mace.

Batros™ Bio

Real Name: Wiley

Deep in the Dark Hemisphere resides a treacherous race of half-man half-bat pirates--none more sinister than Batros™, a shadowy mercenary-for-hire. Batros™ views alliances with contempt, but pairs up with Skeletor® when it gets him closer to his goal of seizing the Powers of Grayskull™ for himself. In one adventure, Batros™ conspired with the Overlord of Evil™ to filch all royal records and books from the Eternos Library. Although this shady plot ultimately met with failure, Batros™ remained a stealthy enemy of the Masters of the Universe® and all who fight for freedom on Eternia®. Batros™ is a dark mercenary trained in the art of thievery!

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