Masters of the Universe®
Club Filmation

Nepthu™ Figure

Nepthu™ Figure

Wicked Sun Sorcerer™
Masters of the Universe® Classics
Club Filmation Figure, October 2013

Is there such a thing as ‘pthu wicked? Being bad is a day at the beach for this malevolent magician, but he doesn’t just build sand castles, he builds entire sand armies to do his evil bidding. This Filmation figure can hold his sinister sun scarab Ankh in his hand, and he comes with a clear plastic Zoar® the Falcon.

Nepthu™ Bio
Real Name: Nepthu Sencri

A devoted servant to Count Marzo®, Nepthu™ was devastated when his master was transformed into a powerless, old man and vowed revenge. Without magical ability of his own, he spent years scouring the Sands of Fire and Sands of Time until he was also an old man. Nepthu™ eventually found the Temple of the Sun and within it the Sun Scarab and was transformed into a young wizard with a fervent desire to control the universe. His scarab was destroyed by He-Man®, leaving him powerless, but he transformed once more when he pledged his devotion to King Hssss™ during the Second Ultimate Battleground. Nepthu™ has powerful magical abilities that include freezing energy blasts as well as the ability to block telepathy and create an army made out of sand.

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