Masters of the Universe®
Club Etheria™

Double Mischief™ Figure

Double Mischief™ Figure

Glamorous Double Agent™
Masters of the Universe® Classics
Club Etheria™ Figure, July 2014

Knock, knock. Who's there? A rebel? Or a loyal member of the Horde? This skillful spy can pass as anyone she wants, but her true allegiance is to her homeland of Etheria. This Double Mischief™ figure has a head that rotates from a good side to an evil side, and comes with an all-new Horde crossbow, a cape and a non-removable tunic.

Double Mischief™ Bio
Real Name
: Rebekkah Kettle
Heroic cousin of Glimmer™, Rebekkah is a princess from the Eternian Kingdom of GreenGlade. After her home was overrun by the Horde invaders, she joined the Great Rebellion, using her forte for disguise to become a double agent in the armies of Hordak®. She is very dexterous and can squeeze herself into almost impossibly tiny spaces and climb the sheerest walls to carry out her missions. She is not much of a fighter, but her agility makes her a good dodger. No disguise is beyond her powers. She can look like an aged King one moment or a Horde Villainess the next. She can also change her voice to suit her disguise as well, often talking herself out of the tightest situations! Double Mischief™ fools her enemies as a spy for She-Ra®!

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