Masters of the Universe®
Club Etheria™

Madame Razz™ & Broom

Madame Razz™ & Broom

Magical Witch of Whispering Woods™
Masters of the Universe® Classics
Club Etheria™ Figure, August 2014

Razzle dazzle, you know them well, the words she uses to start a spell! The spells are questionable and her tongue may be tangled, but the mixed-up mistress of magic means well. This highly fan-demanded figure finally arrives in the MOTUC line with sidekick Broom, who’s armed with… arms!

Madam Razz™ Bio
Real Name: Regina Razz
Madame Razz is a Twigget witch who lives with her people in the Whispering Woods on Etheria. After the Battle of Brightmoon, she welcomed the surviving royal family and their supporters into the shelter of her magical forest. Helping to form the Great Rebellion, Madame Razz and her servant Broom went on to become core members of the Rebellion’s leadership, especially because she is only one of three on Etheria that knows Adora is actually She-Ra, Princess of Power. Often accused of being absentminded, Razz has a tendency to mispronounce her spells, sometimes leading to comical results. Despite some flaws in her magic wielding abilities, Madame Razz is a kind soul who only wants to see Etheria free from the Horde’s evil tyranny.

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