Masters of the Universe®
Club Etheria™

Rio Blast™ Figure

Rio Blast™ Figure

Heroic Transforming Gunslinger
Masters of the Universe® Classics
Club Etheria® Figure, September 2014

Howdy, Partner! The “Fastest Draw in the Universe” has a lot more to offer than just a magnificent mustache. From the frontiers of space, Rio Blast™ arrives ready to unload, with a transforming snap-on backpack that slides up and over his shoulders, just like the vintage toy. He has snap-on wrist, chest and knee guns, and his chest flap opens. His knee guards fold down to hold blasters, and his backpack ammo tubes plug into wrists.

Rio Blast™ Bio
Real Name: Riolus Blast
With the ability to transform from a normal warrior into an awesome arsenal of fire power, Rio Blast is in all ways the fastest draw in the universe. As the sole survivor of a group of heroic explorers from Loredos in a starband near Eternia, Rio ended up as the “law” in that lost frontier. Flung by a meteorb to the surface of Eternia, Rio allied himself with the renegade Masters of the Universe in their battle against evil. Rio Blast is nagged by the fact that he has left behind an untamed starband and he often champs at the bit to get back. He-Man promised to aid Rio Blast back home as soon as the warriors of Skeletor have been defeated once and for all. Rio Blast transforms into a one-man arsenal to get the drop on enemies!

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