Masters of the Universe®
Club Etheria™

Spinnerella® Figure

Spinnerella® Figure

Dizzying Defender™
Masters of the Universe® Classics
Club Etheriaª Figure, December 2014

Round and round and round she goes, wherever she stops, watch out, ‘cause it’s bad news for enemies of the Great Rebellion! Any way you spin it, she’s one of the most long-awaited and fan favorite figures. She finally joins gal pal Netossa™ and the rest of the rebels ready to defend Etheria. Her trademark skirt features double sided ribbons for maximum whirlwind effect, and she arrives with her classic POP shield and Goddess spear.

Spinnerella¨ Bio

Real Name: Cynthia
With the power to travel very fast across the ground, Spinnerella is very flighty and often confused as one would expect from somebody who travels as she does. She always spins round and round much like a powerful whirlwind. She is totally faithful to She-Ra and honest with everyone she meets. The Great Rebellion calls on Spinnerella to deliver important messages to their loyal friends. She has a spiral fringe skirt and long turquoise and lavender spirals which hang from her cuffs. When she whirls through Etheria these decorations whip around to knock down all who come near!

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