Masters of the Universe®
30th Anniversary Series

The Mighty Spector™

The Mighty Spector™

Heroic Master of Time Travel™
MOTU 30th Anniversary Club Figure,
May 2012

Ready to clean evil’s clock at a moment’s notice, King He-Man’s Time Agent dedicates his life to defending the royal household and protecting the time stream during the Eternian Time Wars. The third figure in the MOTU 30th anniversary Series, this all-new character is designed by Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich and sculpted by The Four Horsemen. With these accessories, he fights the good fight whenever, wherever he’s needed:

  • Removable armor
  • Cosmic key wrist controller
  • Plasma knife
  • Blaster

The Mighty Spector™ Bio

Real Name: John Spector

After Skeletor® banished King Randor® to Despondos™, he seized his rightful throne and dismantled the Eternian Palace Guards™. Loyal to Marlena and the Royal Household, Lt. Spector™ was cut off from the rest of the Masters of the Universe® when he was thrown into a time portal and flung into the future. In this new time, he served King He-Man® and was given a special suit reverse-engineered from the Cosmic Key™. Using its powers, Spector could travel into time, fighting for the Royal Family as their agent throughout Eternia’s history. Spector uses his Vortex Suit to turn the tide in battle, loyally serving the King and Queen of Eternia®.

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