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Lightning McQueen Alive

Lightning McQueen Alive

Everyone’s favorite Cars racer comes to life with Lightning McQueen Alive. Featuring never before seen innovation in the iconic Cars 1:55th scale, Lightning McQueen Alive packs big personality in a small package utilizing cutting-edge micro technology. Ready to interact with kids and collectors, Lightning McQueen shows you the moves that won him the Piston Cup including doughnuts, drifting turns and more. His high-power micro motors drive forward, reverse and full 360° turns. Lightning McQueen Alive also moves his eyes, shrugs his shoulders and speaks with an incredibly lifelike moving mouth. Capture all the on-screen magic as Lightning McQueen Alive says over 40 signature phrases, squeals his tires and interacts with you. When Lightning McQueen needs to refuel after a long day’s play, simply place him back on the included gas station charger to refresh his batteries.

Technology Includes:
3 Micro Motors
      1 — used for the life-like, moving MOUTH
      1 — used for SHOULDER & EYE movement
      1 — used for DRIVING: including forward, reverse, turning.
Cell Phone Speakers and Amplifier for amazing sound
Integrated Touch Sensors for user interaction
Rechargeable, Lithium Polymer Battery
Charging Stand

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