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<i>G'Hu</i> Figure

G'Hu Figure

Talk to the talon! This former prison guard from Takron-Galtos is a confident and capable officer in the Green Lantern Corps, and you do not want to be on the business end of those razor sharp claws! The 6" G'Hu, figure is a tantalizing sneak peek of the character as he appears in the Green Lantern, movie, arriving summer 2011!

Go get G'Hu to get a piece of the Stel, Collect & Connect™ figure for Wave 2. You need to collect all of these characters to complete the figure:

Sodam Yat    Head & Lower Torso
Carol Ferris    Left Arm
G'Hu    Right Arm
B'dg/Dex-Starr/Despotellis    Upper & Middle Torso
Naut Kei Loi/Medphyll    Left Leg
Skallox/Nite-Lik   Right Leg

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