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Who watches the Watchmen? Even crime fighters need to be held accountable… more than ever in a world where they themselves are the outlaws! One of the greatest graphic novels of all time, this long-awaited collection features the Watchmen heroes (or are they?) as 6” fully articulated figures. Created just for collectors in first-ever comic book style, this line features unique book-type packaging, original Watchmen “oversized” trading cards, and all-new art and character bios.

This is a limited series inspired by one of the all-time greatest comics and includes the six members of the Watchmen team. When all six packages are placed side-by-side, the Doomsday clock counts down to zero when viewed from the front and the iconic graffiti-style Watchmen logo is revealed on the side.

WATCHMEN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

The Comedian Figure

Club Black Freighter, September 2013

Doctor Manhattan Figure

Club Black Freighter, March 2013

Nite Owl Figure

Club Black Freighter, July 2013

Ozymandias Figure

Club Black Freighter, November 2013

Rorschach Figure

Club Black Freighter, January 2013

Silk Spectre Figure

Club Black Freighter, May 2013
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