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WWE® Superstar Figures

Now entering the arena … we’ve got the greatest variety of Superstars in the most up-to-date ring attires! These figures feature authentic details such as armbands and tattoos, all in “Superstar scale” reflecting real-life height differences. Can your collection take the heat?

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WWE® Battle Packs®

Two Superstars enter… are they bitter rivals or the perfect pairing? Get ready for amazing arena action with these WWE® Battle Pack® Sets! Each contains two figures with extreme articulation, amazing accuracy, and ring attire with authentic details. Let the battle begin, and may the best Superstar win!

TM & © 2012 WWE. All Rights Reserved.

WWE® Elite Collection

It’s chaos on the canvas with these deluxe figures of the biggest WWE® stars! Authentically sculpted, they feature amazing detail, deluxe articulation, and accessories like masks, armbands and gear. “Superstar scale” reflects real-life differences in height… differences in opinion will have to be settled in the ring!

TM & © 2012 WWE. All Rights Reserved.

WWE® Legends

These famed Superstars have earned their place in your collection! Celebrate the heritage of the WWE® with fan-favorite figures and accessories from the WWE® universe featuring supreme quality, authentic ring attire and deluxe articulation. Our “Superstar scale” reflects actual height differences, but every one of these WWE® Legends stands miles above the crowd.

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WWE® Defining Moments™

We’re celebrating some of the best arena-shaking, star-making, career-changing moments in the history of the WWE®. These figures feature deluxe articulation, unparalleled detail and amazing accuracy, including ring attire that has been authentically recreated to capture the remarkable moment in all its WWE® glory.

TM & © 2012 WWE. All Rights Reserved.

WWE® Entrance Greats™

Get on your feet and cheer for this collection featuring the most iconic entrances of the WWE®. Each fully-articulated figure arrives dressed in authentic ring attire with amazing details to capture all the excitement of the Superstar’s arrival, as well as a stand that plays their famed entrance music.

TM & © 2012 WWE. All Rights Reserved.

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